Express slimming: slimming treatments in aesthetic offices

Express slimming: slimming treatments in aesthetic offices. Aesthetic medicine treatments can help a lot while losing weight. Contrary to appearances, however, they are not based on weight reduction – so they will not replace a diet or systematic exercise. On the contrary, in order for them to work optimally, you first need to lose weight yourself, and the treatments themselves will help you later model a shapely figure.

The task of slimming treatments is to improve the appearance of the figure, primarily by eliminating accumulated fat cells. However, it should be remembered that this has nothing to do with weight loss in terms of weight loss – it is only the deposited fatty tissue that will be removed from the body, usually from places where it did not disappear during exercise and diet. The preparations for such treatments are long (they take about three weeks) and there is a delay in switching to a more restrictive diet limiting the amount of consumed fats. Massages are also often recommended to break down adipose tissue. You should also perform a number of appropriate tests that will confirm that we can safely undergo such a treatment.

The best slimming treatments

What exactly does it mean that despite the loss of body fat, the procedure cannot replace “traditional weight loss”? In short, the fact that the effect will be purely aesthetic, not health – means that it does not reduce the risk of diseases resulting from obesity or overweight, the risk of diabetes remains at the same level. This is because liposuction only reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat that is closest to the skin, so fat in the rest of the body will remain at the same level. There are several aesthetic medicine treatments that are effective in body contouring. One of them is chemical lipolysis, a procedure performed with a minimally invasive method with the use of needles. Usually, it is used to reduce fat around the chin, as well as hips and thighs. During the procedure, phosphotide choline is injected into specific parts of the body, which acts on adipose tissue more or less like a solvent. Although this treatment guarantees excellent results, it must be repeated up to four times at regular intervals to achieve them – preferably every two months. Unfortunately, lipolysis cannot be performed in many cases, for example during breastfeeding, in the case of diabetes or in obese patients.

Laser lipolysis for fast weight loss

The second type of liposis is laser liposis. As the name suggests, adipose tissue is removed with a laser during the procedure. The laser is inserted under the skin after making tiny incisions (about a millimeter), and then the laser light breaks the fatty tissue. Laser liposis is performed on most parts of the body except the face: mainly hips, abdomen, waist, buttocks and even knees. Although liposis will not cause fat to accumulate in the places where it was made, it does not mean that it will not accumulate at all; on the contrary, it will move to other parts of the body, so you should maintain a rational diet after the procedure. An additional advantage of laser liposis is skin firming and smoothing. To help shape the figure,it is recommended to wear elastic clothes for up to two weeks after the procedure.

Liposuction – is it worth it?

An alternative to liposis is liposuction. During it, the fat does not break, but is sucked away. During liposuction, up to 3 liters of fat may be sucked out, but this still does not replace “traditional” methods of slimming. This is an invasive procedure, as to perform it you need to create a special hole in the body through which fat will be sucked out. There are several methods of liposuction, as by thickening the fat, it is impossible to simply suck it out – first you have to break it down to make it smoother. This can be done with water or ultrasound. Liposuction is quite an expensive procedure that can cost from 4,000 to even 9,000 PLN; the exact price depends primarily on the amount of sucked fat. 

The two-part aesthetic medicine procedure that breaks down fatty tissue without damaging the nerves is called ultrasound. In this case, fat reduction consists in attaching the head to the skin, which transmits a beam of ultrasound deep into the body. This is the first stage, while the second is the so-called lymphatic drainage. Six ultrasound heads lead to the accelerated removal of reduced fat from the body. It is true that the procedure does not cause side effects, but there are a number of contraindications against its use, including cancer, psoriasis and implants. Due to the achievement of great results, it is a very popular treatment, but also quite expensive: performing six treatments costs up to PLN 5,000. However, it is worth investing such a sum,if you want to avoid any discomfort or pain during the procedure.


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